Morse v Ross Aldridge Solicitors Limited - Client obtains £950.00 refund from former solicitors following her successful road traffic accident compensation claim

Holiday-for-my-little-girl Miss.Morse is using her refund to take her granddaughter away on holiday

I would like to thank the team for their help and hard work with my case. were professional, knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. They explained in detail how solicitors fees are supposed to work in personal injury claims, and also explained how my former Solicitor claimed they were entitled to deduct the whole sum of 25% from my compensation.

I cannot thank them enough for acting on my behalf and completing my claim as quickly as they have. I highly recommend this company if anyone has had a similar experience and would like to see if they're eligible for recovery of their Solicitor's fees.

Due to recovering a substantial amount of money back for me it will enable me to finally finish my garden project and to be able to take my granddaughter away on holiday for a few days. 

Miss.Morse - 29th November 2020

Miss Morse, from Cheltenham, was injured in a Road Traffic Accident on 28/04/2014 and made the decision to seek legal representation to obtain compensation on her behalf.

Miss Morse chose local firm Ross Aldridge Solicitors, also based in Cheltenham, with them pursuing and obtaining the global sum of £8000.00 on Miss Morse's behalf.

After deductions of 25% were made from Miss Morse's compensation, she received the net sum of £5362.50 after deductions of £1787.50 towards Ross Alridge's costs and some treatment fees payable to providers of such services.

Miss Morse made the decision to instruct to investigate the level of deductions made by Ross Aldridge Solicitors and potentially pursue a refund on her behalf.

After the disclosure of some initial documents by Ross Aldridge Solicitors, we considered that Miss Morse was indeed due a refund of £959.50 and made the offer to settle on her behalf.

Our offer was very quickly rejected by Ross Aldridge, being advised they had absolutely no offers to make in the matter.

Due to this position, Court proceedings were issued on Miss Morse's behalf to allow the Court to ultimately decide if she was due a refund or not.

Ross Alridge Solicitors wrote to us in mid-November, just over a month after Court proceedings were issued, accepting our initial offer to settle the matter.

Miss Morse received total refund of £959.50 and her legal fees were paid for by Ross Aldridge Solicitors.

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