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Kerry-Anne is co-founder of She is a costs lawyer, specializing in obtaining refunds from solicitors who overcharge their clients. "It is a real growth area" says Kerry-Anne, "…and we are looking forward to serious growth and progression in the coming months. It is a subject matter that is very much in the public interest and is of significant importance to the consumer."

Kerry-Anne's particular specialism lies in re-claiming overcharged success fees. 

Kerry-Anne said 'Increasingly, solicitors are refunding the sum that we have identified as being the element of overcharging without the need for court proceedings and we are able to refund the client very quickly.'

Since 2013 there have been an average of 770,00 personal injury claims arising out of road traffic accident claims per year, the vast majority of which are dealt with under "no win, no fee agreements". Assuming that around 75% of those are successful means that well over 500,000 people per year are potentially paying success fees that may have been incorrectly calculated.

Kerry-Anne said 'This means (based on average recovery figures) that up to £420 million per year of road traffic accident victims' compensation is actually going, wrongly, into the pockets of solicitors.

The recent ruling by the Court of Appeal in Herbert v HH Law Ltd which upheld a decision to reduce the success fee in a low value road traffic accident case from 100% to 15% will set alarm bells ringing in the personal injury sector and is a milestone for consumer rights – So, What will you spend your refund on?

​Costs Lawyer (2015) - Costs Lawyer no.CL 1360

​Case Name​Comment
Allen -v- Brethertons LLP [2018] EWHC B15 (Costs) ​Entitlement to a final and complete bill in order to consider the success fee
Allen v Brethertons LLP [2019] EWHC B3 (Costs) (08 May 2019)​Rights of Costs Lawyers
Badaei v Woodwards Solicitors [2019] Costs LR 1253​The correct forum where there is a dispute between solicitor and client as to termination of retainer

The companies I've had to deal with this past year regarding my insurance claim would I believe benefit massively by learning from your direct, honest and efficient approach to business and customer satisfaction, thanks again and I hope you have a great Christmas and new year

Nigel Allison, 12/12/19

Check my legal fee are very professional. I found the process easy. Kerry Anne was a wonder in helping me understand, explaining certain things I didn't understand and letting me know every part of the process.

I'm not really sure what I will be spending my refund on at present but I'm sure my children do!

I am very grateful to Kerry Anne for helping with this process and even responding to a not so very nice email I received from my previous solicitors.

I would definitely recommend Checkmylegalfees !!!!!!

Miss.Cowell, 19/09/19

I cannot express in any words how happy I am with the service provided, I know my case was a rarity but still none the less the professionalism and how fast has been resolved is fantastic.

I shall be treating my partner to a new care and using the funds to contribute to our baby which is expected by the end of August therefore the payment couldn't have come at a better time.

Kerry-Anne has been fantastic! I definitely recommend Kerry-Anne's and check my legal fees services

James Logan, 01/08/19

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Andrew Erlam -v- Richard Slade & Company Plc
Gaskell -v- R J Gill Solicitors : refund of £1,750...

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